Introducing the PLAS factor

What is the PLAS factor? Polyphenol Low Aromaticacity Supplement is the answer to everlasting life and longevity— achieved through years of research, innovation, development, and bio-electrochemical engineering. Golden Spark is excited to release the new PLAS supplement for customers who want to empower and strengthen their lives.

By focusing on the core elements of the human body, the PLAS factor is able to help your body produce more complex ionic compounds, selenium, and protein. By eliminating and reducing negatively charged substances, excess electrons, cancer cells, bacteria, viruses, and body waste, PLAS is great for enhancing the immune system. PLAS also offers your body an ultrahigh concentration of organic selenium and other nutrients. Because PLAS surpasses the industry standard of selenium by 25%, it is one of the most recommended treatments for cancer, hepatitis, AIDS, and cardiovascular diseases.

PLAS is the current leading supplement in selenium content of polyphenols from natural extracts. Each capsule contains a boost of 50,000 mcg of selenium to provide the human body with positive effects such as immune system enhancement, anti-aging, removal of oxidation, and a reduction in chances of cardiovascular and cerebral-vascular diseases. Recent scientific studies have also shown that selenium may reduce the incidence of cancer.


Selenium, the key ingredient in PLAS, is a powerful antioxidant that can rapidly remove harmful free radicals from the body and slow aging of blood vessels to prevent the occurrence of stroke and other cardiovascular diseases.

Memory Improvement

Selenium is very important for brain function, and selenium deficiency causes the neurotransmitter signals in your brain nerves to slow down. By taking selenium supplements through PLAS, you can ensure your brain stays active and sharp.


By protecting the condition of your DNA in each of your cells, PLAS can help lengthen your lifespan.

Increased Energy

Oxidized cholesterol in the bloodstream causes your heart to pump harder to maintain healthy blood flow. PLAS can help clear up your bloodstream, decreasing unnecessary heart rate, so you always feel healthy and energetic.

Cancer Treatment

The selenium in PLAS can activate tumor suppressor genes, inhibition of oncogenes, cell cycle to inhibit cancer cell proliferation, growth and differentiation. If taken during and after chemotherapy, PLAS can help reduce the negative impact of chemotherapy on the body as well as help ensure a rapid recovery.

Antiviral Effect

PLAS contains positively charged ions which can neutralize viruses that are negatively charged, directly destroying viruses in the body.

Better Immune System

PLAS is beneficial to reduce the incidence of various cardiovascular diseases and improve patients’ ability to fight disease.


Clinical studies have shown that selenium on coronary heart disease and atherosclerosis has a positive therapeutic effect.


Tea Polyphenols Selenium, PLAS, is a special dietary supplement that is clinically proven to reduce chances of cancer and cardiovascular disease, boost the immune system, and increase longevity.


The main ingredient in PLAS is selenium. It is found in herbs that grow in certain regions around the world. Completely natural, selenium has an extremely positive effect on the human body.


An ancient village in China uses selenium rich herbs to brew tea. The villages rarely get sick and incidences of cancer are incredibly low. Statistics also show that the average lifespan of a villager is about 120 years old. By extracting the selenium from the herbs, we have created the super antioxidant PLAS factor which has been proven to reduce risk of cancer and disease.


Achieved by years of research, innovation, development, and bio-electrochemical engineering, Golden Spark is excited to release the PLAS supplement into markets. It is available for purchase for customers that want to empower and strengthen their lifestyles.